wow. i can’t believe how quickly the time flies between these blogs!! i could have sworn i wrote one a lot more recently than a month ago, but evidently not! well, to update: i’ve registered for most of my classes next semester. i’ve decided to take a “business” class and an entrepreneur speaker series in hopes of getting some inspiration. i’m also continuing my web design class and spanish and some other classes that i can’t remember right now.

i’m so excited that it’s the christmas season. we finally started playing xmas music in our suite. one night my roomie kat and i ran outside @ 1AM to play in the snow (it wasn’t much @ all, but it was still fun) and that was the start of my christmas excitement. the snow, unfortunately, didn’t last until the morning, but it was nice to have that breakup in an otherwise extremely stressful night.

so now i’m home for thanksgiving break, back to school on sunday. it’s amazing how quickly this year has gone by. so much has changed in that time that i just can’t comprehend that it has only been 365 days. in these past 365 days, i’ve gone from being a HS senior who just recently submitted her college applications to a college student nearly halfway through her freshman year. my group of friends has changed dramatically, seeing as none of my friends go to school within 5 hours of me. i’ve moved to a new house (something that wasn’t even a prospect this time last year) in a new town. i’ve severed relationships, and begun new ones. it’s amazing to think back on it all and realize that i had NO idea that most what happened this year was going to happen. It frightens me to even think of how much can change between today and this time next year.

but yeah… i really just started this blog to say happy thanksgiving, but since i was talking to someone about one of the aforementioned changes, i figured i should include it here too. so happy thanksgiving, happy holiday season. don’t get caught up in the commericalism of it all, savor everything from the first snow to the feelings that come along with sitting in a room all decked out in holiday wonderment. it’s a feeling you can only experience this time of year.

until next time…