i don’t think i’ve ever been more relaxed! it’s sooo great! i’ve been home since saturday and all i’ve done is make websites! lol i’ve gotten a lot accomplished, actually. I redid alanquinn.com, well, mostly. there’s still some tweaking to be done. and i also bought a domain and made a website for my web design business here. i’m pretty pleased with it. now if only i could get some customers…

i also went to bayonne yesterday. went to STUCO to say hi to everyone, and it just so happened that they had a mini surprise party planned for my “twin”/”little sister” amanda.. so as a joke i hid behind this tiny piece of paper… and before i knew it there was this loud shreak and i was tackled…then everyone started to sing happy birthday and she started to cry. it was cute.

after that a bunch of us went out for pizza and then we decided to pick up our friend Ioanna and go to the movies. we drove all the way to jersey gardens hoping that pride and prejudice was playing, but it wasn’t. so we saw RENT. WHAT AN AMAZING MOVIE! soooo good!

on top of that, my ticket to see RENT on Broadway with natalie just came in today. you can see why i’m so excited!

speaking of natalie…

she’s coming to visit me dec 30th – jan 5th! wooohooo! mentes together?? this could be dangerous! we’re going to the city (aka NYC) and stuff like that. doing the tourist thing. it’s going to be SOOOO much fun!

what else is new?? not much really…1st semester is over and done thankfully. i had great classes (well, except for calc), but after a while, enough was enough. i did OK in calc, now i’m just waiting to find out the rest of my grades.

i think that’s all for now? i can’t think of anything else i wanted to say..

until next time.