so now that i’ve had a ton of time to sit around and do basically nothing, i’ve been browsing around the web and stuff looking at other people’s domains and blogs and things, and i’ve come to a conclusion: THEY’RE ALL THE SAME! serious. every single site has nearly the same layout, the same content, just different colors! i knwo, i know, “well your site fits that mold, doesn’t it?” you may be saying… yes, yes it does, but i’m trying to change that. when i first went for this whole look, the internet and web design world was reserved for the occasional geek or two who wanted to fiddle around and learn how to code. now with the mass commercialization of blogging, it seems everyone and their brother has taken to this media. it’s kind of upsetting actually. websites have lost their originality. no more cool layouts with things scattered all over hte place, just simple plain ole’ blog layouts. 2 columns: 1 with the blog and the other, a thinner strip with all sorts of other info in it.

so, after realizing that my site fit right into that cookie cutter mold, i went on a bit of a mental rampage. i sat in front of my screen trying to figure out what i could do with this site to make it not fit into that cookie cutter. not for the sake of being different, but for the sake of my own sanity. i liked it when i could click on any given link and have the anticipation of “ohhh i wonder how this page is set up?” now, i click on a link and it think to myself “i wonder what graphic this person uses as a header for their blog” where’s the fun in that?

so, as you can see, less than a week since i put up my last layout, i changed to this one. this one isn’t winter-y, or christmas-y, or anything. it’s just here. and i like it. that’s my dog, buddy. i took that pic of him the other day.

i’m still working on this whole thing. it’s not what i want it to be. i’m also working on a photo gallery, which, coincidentally matched the old layout, so it have to change it already.

you may come across some broken links and things. i was validating my site the other night and i had to redo the navigation scheme for the entire thing, so i may have missed some links along the way. please let me know if you find any!

also, i’m looking for some people to link exchange with. as i’ve said above, i’m really searching for people who don’t have cookie-cutter sites. so if this is you, i’d love to link exchange with you. stick a note in my comments or something. if this isn’t you, stick a note in anyway, i’m open to blog sites too. after all, that’s what i have up now, isn’t it? it would be pretty hypocritical of me not to accept blog link exchanges. lol

anyway, now that you’ve read my rant-type-thing.. thanks for that. i’m off to see how i can fix this site up even more!

thanks for visiting. thanks for commenting

…until next time.