wow… can you believe it? it’s the last day of 2005! it’s insane! happy new year! i hope it’s a great one!

natalie is here. she arrived yesterday, and from the second she got here we were just going crazy with new ideas and adventures. it’s going to quite the productive meeting i think! we went to the beach, found seaglass and stuff, put our feet in the ocean (BAD idea – SOOOOOO cold!) then we went to the boardwalk and played in the arcades and things. then we went to surf taco which is always amazing. after that… we came back to my house and planned out our days in NYC. it’s amazing how much 2 computer/google geeks can accomplish in less than 12 hours! so we plotted out our trip to NYC, where we’re gonna go, which days we’re gonna do what, etc. then we went to barnes and noble and spent 3 hours looking thru NYC tourist guides and roadtrip books, then moved on to looking @ ideas for businesses (oh come on, u had to see THAT coming! lol). then we came home again and stayed up til 5AM brainstorming ideas. if yesterday was any indication of what’s to come, mentes will rule the world one day =o). it was certainly a day full of mentes moments and great ideas. today’s new year’s eve, obviously. we were planning to go to long beach island, but we ended up waking up really late so i don’t know if we’re still gonna do that. monday we’re going to the city and doing some tourist things. tuesday – more tourist things and then going to see RENT on broadway! wednesday we’ll possibly picnic in central park and just walk around that all day looking @ the cool arches and gardens (even though they’re probably all dead!) then that’s it… wow…that’s gonna go by FAST!

anyway…that’s all for now. just thought i’d share some of that. i’m sure u can look forward to a major project coming out of this meeting! we still have 5 days of brainstorming!

happy new year again!

until next time!…