wow…winter break really flew! Now I’m back to school. Yesterday was my first day of classes. I have a really great schedule again this semester. I start @ 8 in the morning (which is horrible, I admit) but i’m done with all of my big classes by just after 12! Then on Mondays I have this great entrepreneurship speaker series, which, judging by the first one, will be amazing. Wednesdays I’m done @ 12:05, and Fridays I’m done @ 2 something. Tuesdays and Thursdays I only have 1 class which goes from 1:25-2:50 I think, which is great. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my professors and the classes I picked.

Other than that…. nothing really new. Just settling back into the routine of school. I don’t think I blogged after Natalie left, but that will be saved for another day when I have hours to sit and write down everything that happened. It was so amazing. 3 days in NYC walking til we couldn’t feel our feet anymore. Staying up til 5AM brainstorming and plotting. It was great.

So it’s time for me to run some errands now..I’ll be back to blog about the NYC trip later or tomorrow!

Thanks for all of the comments!

until later!