So yeah, I’m home because I was supposed to have an interview in NYC for a summer internship. They postponed on me twice and now it won’t be until I’m home for the summer. Inconvenient? I think so.

Anyway, to kill time I decided that I would fill out one of those survey things that are always floating around myspace. I found this one to be the most worth my while, so here it goes…

Three Years Ago Today (4/28/2003)

How old were you?: 16
What grade year were you in?: Sophomore year
Where did you go to school?: BHS
Where did you work? I don’t think I had a real job during the school year soph year. I think i just did random stuff throughout the year like vball reffing and stuff.
Where did you live?: Bayonne
How was your hair style?: About shoulder length and layered. It was probably longer, depending on when the last time I got my haircut was.
Did you wear braces?: No.
Did you wear glasses?: No. I was supposed to though.
Who was your best friend?: Turner and Erin
Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend: no one =o(

Who was your celebrity crush?: haha I don’t think I’ve ever had celeb crushes. I like to base my crushes on reality.
Who was your regular-person crush?: hmm… ryan possibly? I think that year it fluctuated between Josh, Ryan, and Piotr lol.
How many tattoos did you have? none.
How many piercings did you have?: just 1 in each ear

What was your favorite band/group?: Lillix? I’ve never been one for an absolute favorite music group.
What was your worst fear?: failure and natural disasters. same as now.
Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: no.
Had you gotten drunk or high yet?: no.
Had you driven yet: No. well, i MAY have driven around a parking lot illegally by now?
Had you been to a real party yet? lol no
Had your heart been broken?: lol…in a 16 year old’s mindset, yes

NOW: (4/28/2006)
How old are you?: 19
What grade are you in?: Freshman in college
Where do you go to school?: Cornell University
Where do you work?: Entrepreneurship office
Where do you live?: Pt. Pleasant/Ithaca
Where do you hang out?: i don’t hang out
How is your hair style?: right now it’s really grown out, but it should be just below my shoulders with side bangs
Do you have braces?: No
Do you wear glasses?: Most of the time
best friends?: Amy, Erin
Who is you bf/gf: no one unfortunately =o(
Who is your celebrity crush?: still no celeb crushes…
Who is your regular-person crush?: hehe…wouldn’t u like to know?
How many tattoos do you have?: none
How many piercings do you have?: 1 in each ear still
What is your favorite singer/group?: don’t really have favorites, it’s a mood thing
What is your biggest fear?: not dealing with things that need to be dealt with, natural disasters, and failure…oo…loneliness too
Have you smoked a cigarette yet?: nope
Have you gotten drunk or high?: nope
Have you been to a real party?: lol not til next week =o)
Has your heart been broken?: no