I’ve been playing around behind the scenes here for some weeks now trying to figure out how to best configure this site to make it more “grown up”, more user friendly, and most of all, more “with the times”. Let’s face it, I haven’t really spent nearly as much time I should have in the past 4 years maintaining this site and its content. In my cleaning up, I even found active pages with words like “kewl” and “stoopid” on them. Needless to say, those have been updated. But in all of this cleaning up, I’ve had in the back of my mind – “What can I do with this space to make it an ‘online destination’, a place where people check in daily just to see what’s new, a place with some recognition?” It’s been puzzling me for some time now and the answer still eludes me. I’ve made some random changes like the “Amusements” section which is now called “The Web & Other Amusements” because the content that was on it was so obsolete and useless that it wasn’t worth an entire section. The section itself is still in the development stages. I’m trying to come up with much more content for it, but for the time being check out the Feeds I Frequent and the Sites I Frequent pages. They’re a little thin at the moment, but I’ve been adding to them daily as I remember more.

I’ve also lately started to wonder whether I’ve grown out of the whole “personal blog” phase of my life. I’m not nearly interesting enough for people to pop in daily, or even weekly, to see the latest updates. I like the fact that I have a pretty good record of the last 4 years of my life, but at the same time, my day-to-day life isn’t anything spectacular, and could just as easily be chronicled somewhere else where I don’t have to feel guilty for not updating the layout or returning the comments.

That said, I’d really like your opinion. If not my personal day-to-day random thoughts, what would you like to see on this site? What sort of content are you in search of on the Internet but have yet to find a decent source for? I love to write about things I’m interested in, but that varies so much from day to day, week to week, and month to month, that there would be no vein of consistency other than the fact that I wrote them all. Is there anything that I’ve said in the past 4 years, or since you starting coming here, that has sparked your interest? Something you’d like to learn more about?

I would love to keep my blogging in the realm of the Internet, online life, gizmos, gadgets, and other technology, etc, but I worry that it’s a niche that’s been done so many times before and that has so many established “sources” that people follow religiously that my attempts at it would go unnoticed. Not to mention the fact that I’m not nearly as “up” on technology as I should be. I don’t use Linux. I’ve heard of Ubuntu but don’t really know what it is. I’ve never built my own computer. I don’t really know what the latest processors are. I don’t have the slightest clue what the difference between video card A and video card b is. Without such knowledge I would feel like a poser in a world of gurus.

So I guess the question is, where is my niche? What do I have to offer that either doesn’t already exist or that I can put my own unique spin on to make it different, and dare I say better, than what’s already out there? Where do I belong in this great “blogosphere”? I guess that’s more of a question for myself than for you, dear reader, but I do encourage and even solicit and input you may have on the topic. It would be greatly appreciated indeed.

Until next time…