If you’ve been browsing around here/reading my blogs lately, you probably know that I’m a big fan of RSS. I’m subscribed to tons of feeds, the majority of those being tech-related (find some here). RSS is my saving grace. It allows me to keep abreast of what’s going on in the technology world, thanks to those who laboriously blog about it before I even hear about it.

With RSS comes a HUGE drawback however. Since most of my feeds are tech-related, I end up reading the SAME STORY over and over again because in the tight-knit, interconntected blogosphere, everyone posts about everyone else’s newest content. Take this week for example. There were three pretty dominant stories on the RSS circuit (at least the circuit of feeds that I’m subscribed to) that just kept popping up on feed after feed.

(Note: I know that by blogging about this myself I’m just perpetuating that which I’m arguing against, but it has to be done to prove my point.)

Take the release of Yodel Anecdotal. I originally heard about it from Paul Stamatiou’s blog, and rightly so considering he’s an intern at Yahoo! and one of the major contributors to the project. His blog about its release was really well done and interesting. It was nice to get the information from a primary source for once. Then, however, came the onslaught. The release was, of course, dugg. Paul’s blog was also quoted. TechCrunch even put in their two cents. And those are only the pages I noted once I realized the trend. Great press for Yahoo!, but the repetitive-ness is really defeating the purpose of having RSS. So much for streamlining.

Then there was the release of the study that apparently “Chicks Dig Tech”. Well, duh. While the study itself was pretty interesting, it seemed like every “major” and even most not-so-major sites felt compelled to use the study in an article or two. The poor study was beat to death. Wired had their say, twice. Slashdot, the obvious source for all things geek, released a quick blurb about it. Note the link in the Slashdot article…it’s the same one that was dugg. And to think that’s the end. Nope…there’s still Engadget, LifeHacker who linked to the above Yahoo! article in their “Daily News Roundup”, and the million other sites that are interlinked between those listed and those I haven’t even found. Talk about inbreeding.

There was also the release and subsequent reviews and hacks of the Apple Mighty Mouse, the sudden obsession with time tracking, Sony’s new GPS for cameras, and that’s not even the start. I get that the “blogosphere” is what it is because of the interlinking between the top sites, but really, do they all have to have such similar, if not exactly the same content? Once in a while I come across a diamond in the rough, but unfortunately, they can be few and far between, and I’m sure that, given enough time, they too will be dugg and blogged to death.

With such a wealth of information available to us at any given moment, it’s nice to have the opportunity to have all of these bits and bytes of the latest news at my disposal, but really, some variety would be nice.