Hey all. Well, I’m down to my last week of summer. I’ve been back and forth here hoping for some inspiration for a blog topic, but no luck. I was going to do a “What is RSS?” article, but I decided that sending you to wikipedia would probably do a far better job at explaining it that I could ever do. If you just want the quick summary though, RSS is basically a way of distributing and collecting information. All you need is an aggregator (reader) of some sort and you’re good to go. I use Google Reader, but I’m on the prowl for a better one. Just type in the URL, search for content, and subscribe. Tada! It’s a great way to stay on top of site updates and things.

In other news, something rather out of the ordinary happened this week – I went 3 days without going on the computer! How ’bout that! My mom and I finished up the 5th season of Gilmore Girls (we’re addicted), and we rented a little boat and went crabbing one day (I wasn’t too thrilled considering I hate seafood, but I do love being on a boat, so I guess it was OK). I’ve also been going for daily bike rides. I’m bringing my bike to school with me this year. I have NO CLUE how I’m going to make it up that slope, but I plan to try! I need to do something to keep myself in at least decent shape. It was a pain in the ass (literally) getting used to riding it again, but I’m good to go now. I’ve been riding around trying to find some decent hills around here, but it’s a pretty flat area unfortunately.

I’m moving back to school on Monday. Then it’s back to the grind. Already I’ve gotten emails for my TA positions, work, and Class Council. Yeppp… let the games begin. I don’t know why I’m so…blah about going back to school this year! It’s definitely not me! I normally love school, well…at least everything that goes along with school. I could live without the classes.

That’s about it really. Pretty boring blog this time, sorry. Nothing really exciting lately. I’m sure there will be lots to talk about next week once I head back to the ‘nell. Thanks for visiting and thanks for commenting! Speaking of – Brandy has been added to my friends list over on the sidebar –>. Thanks for keeping up with my blogs, Brandy!!

Until next time…