So I’ve been running around like a madwoman yet again. It’s prelim time here @ Cornell, so any spare time…HA! I’ll just stop there. There’s no such thing as spare time. This week I had a prelim for CS100J (Intro to Computer Programming – Java), a “media diary” for INFO245 – Psychology of Social Computing, due yesterday, and I just finished a paper for INFO355 – Computers: from the 17th Century to the Dot Com Boom, that’s due in just over an hour. Next week I have a prelim in INFO245 on Thursday, then a prelim in INFO 214 (Cognitive Psychology) on Friday. That doesn’t even count the 2 midterms I have to deal with for the classs I TA which will be given on Wednesday and Thursday. Yep… it’s been hectic indeed.

The good news, and the light at the end of the tunnel, is that Fall Break is next weekend! Not only that, but my 20th birthday!! I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do, if anything, to celebrate, but it’s a much welcomed relief from this madness. I won’t even begin to describe the mayhem of the 2 weeks after we come back from fall break!

I did mean for this blog to be a bit longer with something actually interesting to read, but that will have to wait until some time this weekend because I have to run to class.

until next time…