While in Chicago this weekend attending the CEO conference, I had the chance on Friday night to go out and explore the city. We hopped in a cab and went to the John Hancock building. It was later in the evening, so we figured nearly everything would be closed, but we decided to go anyway. We decided to walk down to the waterfront to see if there was anything there. There wasn’t, but in the distance was a really pretty ferris wheel. It was the Navy Pier. So, from Michigan Ave. and whatever street the John Hancock building is on, we decided to talk down to the Navy Pier. It was a long walk, but totally worth it. From the second you step foot on the pier you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. We walked into the main building first. It’s kind of like South Street Seaport, but so much cooler. When we reached the end of one of the halls, we decided to try to go outside to see the ferris wheel. It was 10:00 and everything was just closing up. It was empty.

That’s when it hit me – THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER! Frank Sinatra was playing on some tinny overhead speaker, there were twinkle lights strung all around to light the path, and everything just FELT like “the olden days”. It was amazing. I couldn’t stop talking about it. The first thing I said was “This would make an AMAZING place for a date” but then I realized – to heck with the date – this would be the coolest place to get engaged.

So, to my future (serious) boyfriend, when the time does come to “pop the question” I hope you’ll know me well enough to know just why I think the Navy Pier is so perfect and I hope you’ll know me well enough to pick the PERFECT song to be played over that tinny sound system, because hey…I’m not going to just GIVE you the perfect setting… you have to do some work yourself ;)