Along with getting my butt in gear and actually getting things done that I need to get done before the end of the semester, I’ve FINALLY handed in my Information Science affiliation forms. God those things were annoying! I went through about 10 different drafts since last year. It’s done though. As soon as this semester’s grades are out, I’ll (hopefully!) be an official Information Science major!

AND EVEN BETTER NEWS TO BOOT! I found out yesterday (see, procrastination has its perks) that they just opened up Social Systems as a primary track (it was only a secondary track in the past) which is AMAZING because I wanted to do Social Sys. as my primary and was pretty disappointed when I found out it wasn’t possible.

Yep, so it’s been a good day. Tonight is Battle of the Late Night Foods where I’ll be volunteering for a few hours, and then that’s it for my responsibilities this weekend. Let the relaxation (read: catching up on a TON of work) begin!

Until next time…