There have been a lot of articles floating around the Daily Sun since the beginning of the semester when Cornell decided to hire some student bloggers to serve as Cornell’s link to potential new students and to anyone else out there who reads blogs. Since then, all of a sudden, non-student blogging project blogs around Cornell have been getting a lot of attention. Christian has had a lot to say on the topic. His blog was even listed in the Daily Sun the other day. So were Elliott Back‘s and Dean‘s. Funny how these blogs that have been around for years in some cases are just getting attention now. Elliot posted a response of sorts to the Cornell Chronicle’s most recent article attempting to compile a more comprehensive list. I was on that list.

So what’s the point? Well, I’ve never really considered myself a “Cornell Blogger”. I don’t really center my posts around Cornell itself, although most of them tend to at least mention it because, well, I spend 24/7/300something there. I guess I never realized that I was a “Cornell Blogger” until I appeared in Elliott’s list. I go to Cornell…and I blog… I guess it makes sense. It’s funny when you fail to realize the obvious.

I’m glad I wasn’t listed in the Daily Sun though. I like my blog to be kept out of print. I feel more able to say whatever I want. :D