I went “home” today – home to Bayonne that is. I hadn’t been there since probably some time in May or June. I got to walk around my high school, see some old friends and old teachers. I’d forgotten what it feels like to be completely “at home” somewhere. I mean, I feel at home at Cornell, but not quite to the degree that I feel at home in Bayonne (at least not yet). I basically ran Bayonne High School while I was there. I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It’s the best feeling to know that no matter where you turn you’ll see a familiar face.

As I walked through the halls I would pass some teachers I had and they’d stop to say hi. Even some of the custodians recognized and said hello to me. What shocked me most was that teachers I never had and that I’d never spoken to during my time in HS knew who I was. When I saw my friends they would ask their friends “do you know who this is?!” and surprisingly enough they would know! I guess that means I left some sort of legacy?

The students in my high school have changed a lot. There are 2 classes of students there that I’ve never met before, but at the same time, everything feels the same. I never smile so much or laugh as hard as I do when I’m there. I miss it sometimes. I never actually want to go back, but I miss the feeling and familiarity of it all. I love being able to walk around without anyone even wondering “hey who’s that girl roaming the halls?” or popping in on meetings of old clubs and finding out that the stories of my years in those clubs have been passed down to the newer members.

I hate leaving Bayonne. I hate having to drive away at the end of the night and having to return to such an unfamiliar place (my current “home” in Pt. Pleasant). I really wish I could just live in Bayonne when I come back from school. It just makes everything better. No matter how stressed I am, how much insanity is going on back at school, or how bad a day I’m having – I know I can always go to Bayonne and everything will be better again.