Ok, I must be the most pathetic person ever because I seem to be the only person online today! I guess everyone’s out doing their Black Friday shopping or something because my Feeds are slower than ever! It could be that I have more free time to read my feeds today than I normally do, so I can catch them as soon as they come in, but the only ones that seem to be running today are the larger blogs like Engadget, Lifehacker, and a TINY bit of Cute Overload. I’m bored out of my mind!

I did just buy a new domain though for a mini-project I’m working on that shouldn’t require much maintenance or anything. I’m waiting for it to propagate right now, but it should be up in a day or two. I’ll post the URL once it’s done.

Yepp… so…. that’s about it. My mom and I got up to do the Black Friday thing but then realized we don’t actually need anything. I’ve been up since 4AM and I’ve completely run out of things to do. Strike that – I’ve run out of things that I WANT to do. I have a ton of school work that I should probably catch up on while I’m sitting here, but who wants to do school work on the day after Thanksgiving? Not me, that’s for sure!

Well, back to my random browsing of the web.  Hopefully this domain will propagate quickly so I have something to occupy my time for the rest of the day!

Until next time…