Well it’s my last day at home. I can’t believe how quickly this week flew! I didn’t get a THING done for school. Yep… I’m going to be in for a rude awakening come tomorrow night. I’m just getting a few last minute things done on random projects while watching my mom decorate the house for Christmas. She won’t turn the lights on for another few weeks, but she likes to get them up while it’s still relatively warm out.

Other than that I’m basically done with playing around with this layout. I have a few minor things I’d like to tweak, like the title font and placement, but the majority of it is done. Thanks for dealing with my mess of a site over the past 72+ hours while I get everything back the way it normally is. Please let me know if you come across any errors or have any suggestions, though!

So that mini project I was talking about in my last blog is The Daily Query. It’s basically question or some questions I’ll post daily for others to answer. It’s kind of an extended version of what I did for my Thanksgiving entry. Check it out and subscribe! ;)

Onto today’s Daily Query: If you had a choice between a pet monkey and a pet koala, which would you choose?

It’s really a tough decision. I think it would strongly depend on what kind of monkey I would get. I like some monkeys, like chimps, but I don’t want a gorilla. I think overall though, I’d definitely go for the monkey. As cute as koalas are (is koalas the plural of koala?) they just don’t have as much potential for a personality as monkeys do.