Blah. I REALLY shouldn’t have avoided my work like the plague over Thanksgiving! Not much time to blog today, just wanted to post my Daily Queries (because I forgot yesterday’s).

The Daily Query for 11/26: What is one (tangible) thing you couldn’t live without? Why is that thing so important? This is a really tough one. I could probably live without my laptop, but I’d prefer not to ;)

Today’s Daily Query: What do you think of “Cyber Monday”? Will you be participating? I think Cyber Monday is an interesting concept. I think to create an entirely new ‘Hallmark Day’ based on just one year of sales spike is a little strange, but with all the hype they’re giving it this year, I’m sure it will spike again. Personally, I don’t plan to buy anything today. Not because I don’t agree with it or anything like that, just because I don’t have time to sit at my computer and hunt out deals today. I also don’t know what I want to get anyone yet. It’s still a bit too early for Christmas shopping for me.

Well, that’s about all! Check out The Daily Query and post your responses in your blog! Hope everyone’s surviving their return from the long weekend!

Until next time…