I thought it would be cool to run through all of my pictures from this year and pick one from each month. I did have a few tough months where I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I managed to find at least one decent on per month. They’re all over at Flickr. I also created a group for anyone who wants to do the same.

January: Jenn & Nat in NYC January: Jenn & Nat in NYC:

A meeting that was over 4 years in the making, Natalie and I finally met up! We went all over NYC and took a few trips to the beach. I didn’t blog about it all because we had enough adventures to make up their own book, but here’s a taste.

February: Winter in Ithaca:

Just one of the hundreds of shots I have of this winter. I loved the snow before I went to Cornell, I survived an Ithaca winter, and I think I can safely say I love the snow even more now!

March: Bill Nye the Science GuyMarch: Bill Nye the Science Guy:

How cool is he?! My friends had a extra ticket so I got to see him! Bill Nye is a Cornell alum and this was his last year as a visiting professor :(

April: Roommate LoveApril: Roommate Love:

This is my roommate from last year. She’s a fine arts major, and as such she needed to do an exercise that would help her understand anatomical proportions or something like that. Lovely roommate that I am, I had to trace her. This isn’t even the first of the strange projects she had to do last year. It kept things interesting, let me tell you!

May: Spring at CornellMay: Spring at Cornell:

I swear the grounds maintenance department must have gone through millions of tulips this year! Every time you turned around they were planting new ones! These were in a bed between two of the libraries. There were red, orange, pink, and all sorts of other colors all over campus.

June: RYLAJune: RYLA!:

My new family. I had such an amazing time my first year as a counselor. My Post-RYLA Post

July: FlowersJuly: My Favorite Garden:

This and MANY of the other photos I took this summer were of flowers in this older gentleman’s garden in Bay Head. He has no fences around it so you can just wander in and take enjoy and photos if you want. It’s so colorful and beautiful. I can’t wait until they bloom again to go take some more!

August: Back to SchoolAugust: Hiking the Gorge

After my mom and I moved all of my stuff into my new dorm we decided to take a walk through Cascadilla Gorge. This is one of about 5 pics from that day to survive the great hard drive transfer of 2006, thanks to Flickr.

September: President's InaugurationSeptember: President’s Inauguration:

Unfortunately, this is one of 4 shots from the Inauguration to survive the great harddrive transfer of ’06 and for that I am endlessly thankful to Flickr! This definitely had to be one of the most impressive things I’ve witnessed in my life so far.

October: The Big 2-0October: The Big 2-0:

Yep…bye bye childhood! Turning 20 wasn’t easy, but I’m used to it now and I can’t wait until 21!

November: Chicago

November: Chicago:

Taken from my hotel room in Chicago during the 2006 National CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization) Conference. I ended up getting really sick the second day there and didn’t get to experience much, but I did get to see the city during my few hours of health!

December: CornelliaDecember: Who Needs A Tree? Not Cornell!

Yep, this is Cornellia, the Dairy Bar’s cow. She is lit with christmas lights every year for the holidays. We’re cool like that in Ithaca…. :-<br clear=”all” />