So I decided to finally go to Gannett today. (In non-Cornell speak that’s the health center). My left wrist had been killing me all day yesterday and felt really out of whack. I tried to ice it and stuff, but it just wouldn’t go away. Today it turned into a shooting pain from my wrist to the tip of my index finger. I couldn’t use my left hand to lift or hold anything.

I hate going to the doctor’s. Unless I need a shot, I need a physical, or I’m on my death bed (the last one hasn’t happened yet, thankfully!), I try to avoid it at all costs. Not only is it full of germs, but it takes way too much time! I bit the bullet today though, and I have to say, I really am impressed with the level of service at Gannett. I’ve heard a few horror stories and tales of the requisite “Are you pregnant? Do you need therapy/counseling?” interrogation, so I had pretty low expectations upon walking in. As soon as I was checked in the whole process was so efficient I couldn’t even believe it! I saw the nurse, who sent me up to the bone doctor (osteo- something or other). The doc was very nice, very thorough, and didn’t talk to you like you were stupid. After poking and prodding at my wrist, he sent me down with a little orange slip of paper for an x-ray of my left wrist and hand.

Down to the 2nd level, after a 5 minute wait my hand was ready for its close-up (“You’re not pregnant, right?”, of course). Another 5 minutes and my films were processed and I was on my way back up to the doc.

As I’m sitting in the exam room, I can hear the doctor’s voice – “hmmm…very interesting…”. (Begin panic here) He popped in and asked me if I wanted to see my films. Ummm..YEAH! These are the times I wish I were a doctor – some of this stuff is just so cool. Anyway, I digress. So it turns out that a drawing he had shown me on the wall earlier was actually what my wrist looked like. A tiny piece of my ulna had broken off and was just kind of floating there. Here’s the best part though – the injury is over a year old! Turns out I broke/fractured my wrist and didn’t even know it! My guess was it was during volleyball in HS, but you never know.

Since the injury is over a year old, however, it wasn’t the cause of my discomfort this time around. Turns out I sprained my wrist. I have no idea how, but I did. Now I get to sport a lovely immobilizer/splint doo-dad for a few days, get to pop Advil every few hours, and get to freeze my hand off for 20 minutes every once in a while. Yes I’m being drammatic. I’m aware. But, you can’t help but be drammatic about an injury you have NO IDEA how you got!

Well, that’s all. Short and sweet because typing is a pain and I have linear algebra HW to finish.

Until next time…