I guess my spring cleaning this year is taking the form of web design. I’ve been slowly going through the code for this theme and trying to clean it up. This theme is a customized version of k2, so there’s a lot that I’m not using. The loadtime seems to be a bit slow, so hopefully getting rid of some of the extra stuff will help that a little bit. I’m also getting rid of some of the subpages I don’t really use anymore. (Bye bye “Other Projects” and “Quote Collection”). They’re just there and don’t really contribute anything to the site. I’m sure I’ll find a lot more of those as I continue on.

As for my big announcement…I’m still waiting to hear one more thing and then I’ll post it here. I’m hoping for some pictures to go along with the announcement, which is why I’m delaying it. We’ll see.

Other than that, Spring Break starts on Thursday for me (after I take my Human-Computer Interaction midterm) so after the 5ish hour drive I will be SLEEEEEPPPPIIINNG, reading, and playing around here. Relaxation is going to be wonderful. I also have an interview at the Board of Ed. so I can substitute teach when I get back home in May.

That’s all for now. Until next time…