It’s been exactly one month since I made my Cornell Daily Sun debut. I’ve had 1-2 pics printed/week (Thursday’s paper) so far. It’s been pretty awesome. I love picking up the paper in the morning and knowing who took which photos and who wrote which stories.

In order to make Photo staff at the Sun, you have to complete a photo truk – which is basically a full page of photos telling a story or covering a particular event. This weekend was the Cornell World’s Fair. We had a special visit from the Zambian Ambassador and I got to have dinner with her and accompany her on a tour of campus. Saturday evening was the actual event and, armed with my camera and lenses, I set off to shoot the entire thing. Four hours later I had taken just about 400 photos.

I went down to the office this evening to put together my truk. It was more work than I thought it would be! I had to sort through all of the photos, choose the good ones, color correct them, save them for the web, create thumbnails, convert all of the photos into black and white, set one to print next to the story, and then (finally) arrange them all on the page. I was kind of crunched for time by the time I got to that last part. No one told me the pages were due at a certain time and I was running over. The good news is I was on my last photo and IT’S DONE! It’ll be in tomorrow’s paper.

There is a slideshow of them online for your viewing pleasure. I’ll update this tomorrow once the actual pages are available online.