FINALLY this semester (well, at least the part that involves going to classes) has come to a close. Not without one final attempt to kill us, of course. The Networks paper I mentioned in my previous post was due today at 11AM. A major faux pas in the world of Cornell. Today, the last day of classes, is Slope Day. It’s a concert, a stress-releiver, an alcohol poisioning-inducer, and best of all, an excuse not to go to class. (Wiki it) Unfortunately, those of us in Networks (and apparently a few other classes) had to start our day with a mad rush to finish our final paper and hand it in. Once that was over, however, the day was perfect.

PimpBotAfter a mediocre brunch with friends, some went for naps, and I went to watch last night’s episode of Grey’s. Well, some of it. Then we headed up to the Slope. The weather was absolutely perfect. I don’t think I’ve experienced such a nice day here in Ithaca. It wasn’t nearly as hot as last year, there was a slight breeze, and well, it was just perfect. We found a spot on the slope and plopped down. Literally. The exhaustion from the semester was starting to kick in and all we could do was sit there, or lie there, in an absent gaze enjoying the music in the background.

The performers this year were Catch-22, TV on the Radio, and T.I. I’d never really heard any of them, but I didn’t really mind because I wasn’t in much of a mood to go cram up against the stage with thousands of people. It was more of an enjoy from afar kind of affair. Not Even 1/2 of It

We stayed for Catch-22. Went back to Baker Tower for a bit, then headed back to the slope for the end of TV on the Radio and the start of T.I. In true “gangsta” form, T.I. started to threaten the audience and it was at about that point that I lost any inkling of respect I had for him in the first place. I called it a day and headed back to my room.

Perfect weather calls for the perfect meal. My friend April and I ordered our favorite – Smoothie Hut. Chicken Caesar Salad and a Pink Flamingo smoothie for me. We ate in the grass outside of my window while watching some people play volleyball in the quad. If i had the energy I would have joined in, but I was far too determined to get a nap in.

I came back in my room to catch up on some Gilmore Girls and LOST. Gilmore Girls was so good. I absolutely love that show. LOST started out good too, but I haven’t gotten to the end yet. I was a bit sidetracked by a 4-hour nap.

So here I am, having survived 13 weeks of sheer insanity. Today was the perfect way to end it all. Two weeks, 1 project, and 2 finals to go. Here’s to the finish line!