Well, another week down here in California. This week’s adventures included moving into our apartment, the couch incident, settling in at work, and some more sightseeing.

Trying to move the sofa to a different roomThe move-in to our apartment wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked it, but it certainly provided us with some stories for the grandkids. Although we had some major screw ups over the course of the week, I’ve really enjoyed them because they’re things I’m glad I learned now rather than later. Alex’s aunt was especially amusing because she turned our couch situation into a “teambuilding exercise” in her words. I felt like I was at some sort of RYLA Twilight Zone :). We’re doing pretty well now. We’ve managed to cook dinner for 3 nights in a row without any significant issues. Probably one of the best things about this setup is that I’m learning the many uses for dish soap, Italian dressing, and how to survive without a microwave (hello 1950!). Yeah, can you believe that!? We JUST realized that we don’t have a microwave in this place. Looks like we’ll have to find another use for our popcorn…

Yahoo! LeadershipWork-wise, I think I’ve fallen in love with Yahoo! over the course of this week. Jerry Yang was named the new CEO, which is really cool. I got to go to the All-Hands meeting on Monday afternoon (the same day as the announcement) where Jerry, Terry (Semel, outgoing CEO) and Sue Decker (incoming President) spoke about the changes and their visions for the company, etc. It was a real *wow* moment. Cooper saved me a seat in the 4th row and the two of us just gaped in awe when Jerry was standing 4 rows from us. This guy (with David Filo) CREATED Yahoo! and there he was, no more than 6 feet from me. I was starstruck to say the least. I think he and David will be speaking at our Executive Speaker Series this Wednesday, which should be really awesome!

Bradley HorowitzOur Executive Speaker this past week was Bradley Horowitz, who gets an A in my book simply for the fact that he’s the man responsible for bringing Flickr to Yahoo! Couple that with his amazing role at Yahoo! and all of the other cool things he’s done, and he’s definitely someone to look up to! He was a great choice to start off our Speaker Series and I’d love to be able to work in his Advanced Development team. It’s the perfect combination of tech, web, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It’s exactly what I love about Yahoo! and fits everything that I’d like my future career to involve. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Brickhouse before I leave!

It’s the other random events that have made me realize how amazingly cool Yahoo! is and how fortunate I am to have this internship rather than the typical “Go collate this and bring me back a coffee and a bagel” internship. Yahoo! has such a laid back atmosphere – probably the definition of “work hard, play hard”. This week alone, I’ve had a meeting that consisted of going to see a movie, P1010798.JPGI played in a Foosball Tournament, and got to work from URLs all day Friday as they moved our stuff to a new building. Working from there and observing the everyday happenings of Yahoos was a great opportunity as it made me understand the incredible culture of this place. I also had the chance to hang out with some of the Sunnyvale interns as they stopped by my table to chat. I got to learn a lot about the different projects we’re all working on and just how much innovation is going on every day. It’s difficult to even comprehend!

Tomorrow, I start work from Great America, Yahoo!’s new building. Hopefully my stuff made it over there in one piece! I’m going to be in a cube closer to my team, so I should be able to get an even better understanding of the UED process. Not to mention, we get to redecorate our cubes ;). IMG_8099.JPG

Sightseeing/crazy experiences in San Francisco were put on hold this week as we settled in. We did get to explore 24th Street by our apartment, though. We also went to the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday, which was spectactular. As I had anticipated, it was definitely the “wow, I’m in San Francisco” moment I’d been waiting for. The only annoying part about the whole day, though, was that every time I looked at the bridge, the Full House theme song started to play in my head. The bridge is HUUUUGGGGEEEEE. We walked most of the way across, but got tired of taking the same photos and decided to double back somewere around the second pillar thing.

We had to take a bunch of different buses/street cars/etc. to get there and passed through a lot of ADORABLE neighborhoods. We got off somewhere around Lombard and Fillmore to transfer and decided to stop for lunch. Walking around there felt so much more like California than anywhere else we’ve been so far. Maybe it was the fact that was actually sunny for once, or maybe it was the view of the water from the top of yet another hill, whatever it was, I LOVED it and it absolutely sold me on coming back here to live after college. The shops are great too! We’re definitely going to have to set out a few days to go shopping and eat in the different neighborhoods.

Needless to say, I’m having a great time and I’m so glad I still have another 7 week ahead of me!

Hopefully I’ll get to blog more often now that things are starting to settle into somewhat of a routine. And Phil: I promise to blog about my project soon! Well, as much as I can say without getting into trouble ;)

Until next time…