Wow, I can’t believe how quickly this week went! Although it wasn’t terribly eventful, a lot of little things added up to make it a pretty awesome week. We’re starting to settle into the apartment now – getting into a bit of a routine, figuring out who cooks what, etc. Turns out I LOVE doing dishes… who’da thought! Good thing too, because Alex (roommate) loves cleaning the bathroom, so it’s a good trade off.

Last week involved a lot of sharing my knowledge about the web and what “people my age” do. Turns out I’m a bit more web-savvy than I thought. Geeking out all of these years is paying off ;) It also involved moving into the new Great America building and meeting a lot more people. I like the setup of our cubes much better now. It’s much more conducive to talking with your neighbors. Not to mention we have toys. I’m getting pretty awesome at the Indoboard, well…the beginner’s version at least. I’m a bit too scared to try out the advanced one. That’s all I need is to fall flat on my face and break a bone during work…

I love the entire culture of this place. It’s so laid back, yet very proactive. People are always doing cool things and they’re all very social and friendly (and eco-friendly too!).

Mini EggplantsI went to the farmer’s market with one of my coworkers on Wednesday. It blows the Ithaca Farmer’s Market out of the water! To be fair though, the Ithaca market is based on people selling things they’ve made whereas the one that we went to (don’t know where it was exactly) was all about the fresh fruits and veggies. I bought raspberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, and LETTUCE! I’ve been living off of fruits and veggies of the past few days. Delicious! It feels so much healthier having your fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market rather than picking them off the shelves of the food store. Thankfully Ithaca has pretty fresh food too, so my stomach won’t be mad at me come August ;)

David and Jerry AgainOur Executive Speakers this week were none other than Jerry Yang and David Filo. I somehow managed to grab seats in the front row, which was awesome! It was really cool hearing all of their stories about the early days, but especially cool hearing about their vision of the future of Yahoo! They’re really open to chatting too. Filo even took on a Wii Bowling challenge from an intern.

My project is making pretty decent progress, although it seems to have morphed into a few project. I’m glad though, the more the merrier! Looks like there’s a bunch of cool stuff coming down the pipe too. Things just get more and more interesting!

StrummingIn terms of exploring the area, I spent my day Saturday exploring the Fillmore Jazz Festival. It was a lot of fun and in a really great area! I ended up taking a lot of pictures of the signs on the store just because they were so cute. Those will be on Flickr soon ;). The festival itself wasn’t nearly as music-centric as I expected. Although there were more band stands than the average festival, there were sooo many vendors and food! I did buy a few things and indulged in Chocolate Peanut Butter Nugget Ice Cream or something like that. Wonderful! My camera was very happy too. It hasn’t gotten exercise since last weekend. I took about 375 photos, only a few of which I posted on Flickr. More View

The best part about the festival was actually 2 blocks after it ended. It was at the very top of the hill on Fillmore Street – BEST VIEW EVER. Well, with the exception of the giant white block from a house being painted or fumigated or something. From the top of that hill you can see EVERYTHING. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay. It’s gorgeous! If I had a bajillion dollars, I would definitely buy a house there :). Oh…and beware of the hill in the other direction. It’s so steep it requires steps. And I thought Ithaca was bad!

That’s about it I think. This week is the 4th of July a.k.a. Paid Day Off :) No plans yet…trying to find fireworks in the area. Let me know if you know of a good spot!!

Until next time…