Ok, so I’m 2 weeks behind on my weekly postings. Sorry about that. I’ve had visitors these past 2 weekends and haven’t been able to blog. I’ll try to include as much as I can remember: Jess and I

Last Thursday (7/12) my friend Jess came to visit before her conference on Saturday. She, Alex, and I went out to dinner at this Mexican place in the neighborhood. The burritos are HUGE, but good! Jess and I went on a scootcar tour which us took all over San Francisco. We saw a lot of things I hadn’t seen yet which was awesome. I took a good… ohh… 300 photos. At least. Good fun though. Take a look at the photos if you want a taste of what we did. She left on Saturday morning and Sunday was spent with Alex and I being a couple of bums doing errands, watching a chick flick and eating ice cream. That was truly a great day. There’s nothing better than wonderful weather and relaxation.

Last week was pretty much crazy. One of my projects was in testing so I spent a lot of time in the lab observing that. I’ve been doing work on various mini projects which is cool. We have a lot of contests going on around here, so I’ve been teaming up with some interns to work on that.Stepping in the Pacific

My mom came to visit this weekend, so we did a LOT of touristy things. Went to a SF Giants game on Saturday and got burnt to a crisp! I can’t remember the last time I got sunburn! We also went to Alcatraz, Angel Island, spent a lot of time at the Fisherman’s wharf, and went on another scootcar tour. This time we made a pit stop to put our feet in the Pacific ocean. The sand was burning hot, but the water was freezing cold. Go figure! I took a good…ohh… 800 pictures or so. I’m almost up to photo number 10,000 on my camera! I think I have about 200 to go. That’s not even a weekend’s worth!

I’m working on sorting through the photos and posting them to flickr. It’s slow going since I’ve been falling asleep really early lately. Pics from the scootcar, various other things we did on Friday, and the Giants game have been posted. Alcatraz and Angel Island tonight, hopefully! Flickr!

That’s about it really. Things are going well. Trying to get the most out of my last few weeks as possible. I can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone! I’m planning to move back to school a month from today! It’s crazy just to think about it. Maybe I’ll take classes online and stay here ;). Ha. Right. Well, I can dream!

Probably one of my least eventful blogs since I’ve been here, which is strange considering these past 2 weeks have been the most eventful yet! If you’d like more up to date coverage of my adventures, I suggest you check out my tumblelog at jennvargas.com or my twitter and, as always flickr. Time for work! Until next time…