I don’t know if this is just the San Francisco Bay Area, or the entire state, but it’s amazing how much the culture of “think green” has influenced my daily life! Let’s take a look at some habits I’ve acquired since I arrived here in early June:

I recycle

I compost

I take public transporation/walk everywhere

I now find it odd when a restaurant doesn’t have recycling

I even bring my own (either canvas or reused paper) bags with me when I go food shopping!

Not to mention, I’ll walk an extra block for coffee instead of the Starbucks on the corner and would take Phoenix Books over Barnes & Noble any day. I’ll wait to go to a farmer’s market instead of buying my fruits and veggies at the grocery store.

Sure, some of these things may seem completely ordinary, but I’ve never really done it before! They just make it so easy out here! I really wish other states would make this much effort to make it so incredibly easy for people to follow the “eco friendly” programs. I’m not really the “treehugger” type, but I do think it’s important to minimize our impact on the environment. Just another reason to get that Prius I’ve been eyeing… or maybe a Vespa?