I can’t even begin to explain how quickly this summer has gone. It’s like I blinked my eyes back in June and all of a sudden it’s August! Lots going on these next few days as I wrap up some things I started and prepare myself for the move back home and then the move back to school. This time two weeks from now I’ll probably be sitting in my apartment back in Ithaca setting things up and hanging out with Margot and Caroline. How scary is that?!

These last few weeks have been so chock-full of stories, events, adventures, and more that I’m going to postpone my recap until I have a good amount of time to dedicate to writing it.

I’m off to go hiking in Marin to take lots of photos! Check the Flickr for pics from Alcatraz and Angel Island (finally) and some random others.

Lots more to come, including a new design if I ever get a chance to finish it!

Until next time…