In all of the hustle and bustle of this summer I nearly forgot that this site’s 5 year anniversary is coming up in 10 days! I suppose I should do something a bit special to commemorate all of the time I spent laboring over this thing in the past 5 years. And, of course, all of the great memories stored in its archives.

In the past I would create some sort of “Anniversary layout”. That was back in the days of having so much free time on my hands that I would design and implement a new layout nearly once a week. Those days are long gone. I’ve adopted a more incremental revision process rather than shutting the thing down while I update the code for the new design. I do have a new theme that I’ve been toying around with in my spare (ha!) time, but I’m nowhere near satisfied with it and it’s definitely not as clean as this current design.

I’ve also featured old layouts in a random rotation, but that’s not really anything I’m that keen to share.

I’ve thought about featuring some of my key commentors over the years, but those relationships have come and gone for the most part and most of their sites are down.

There’s also the option of a round-up version of my life in the last 5 years. Maybe I’ll try to do some twist on that…

So what should I do? I’d love some suggestions or examples of cool anniversary posts!