So, despite my compulsive list making, my 3 different calendar systems, my email reminders, etc. I sometimes STILL manage to completely forget things. Important things. Things that also take a while to reverse. Things like renewing my domain.

Now, this SAME thing happened last year, or the year before. I didn’t seem to process the fact that ANNIVERSARY also means EXPIRATION DATE! I remembered this year, but for some reason the date I had on my calendar didn’t match the actual date. Which I swear I checked many, many times.

It took a while for me to sort things out with the registrar and now I’m moving over to GoDaddy. (I had originally registered this domain through Netrillium when I was hosted with them.) Now it’s completely under my control. No more expirations. I hope.

In the process of completely screwing up, I managed to also miss my 5th Anniversary post. Which is OK, because I really don’t know what to post about. I’m still brainstorming that, so I think I may include it in a post I do sometime around my birthday in October. We’ll see.

Until next time…hopefully without downtime this time.