Since I’m living in an apartment this year, I’ve been doing a lot more cooking. Actually, I’ve been cooking. Considering I didn’t cook at ALL last year, it’s not really fair to say I’m doing more of it! My friend April and I were talking about what we would love to cook to create the perfect dinner. If we could have any combination of foods, what would we make?

After a few days of debating and reading recipes we settled on Jamba Juice-inspired Razzmatazz smoothies, a salad with apples, walnuts, carrots, and our favorite dressings, lemon pepper chicken over rice pilaf, and for dessert, a peach blueberry crumble.

Easier said than done. Although the meal was completely edible, we managed to royally screw up the crumble. The rice was a little dry, as was the chicken. But all in all, it was a fun experience and we definitely learned a lot for next time.

We also produced a LOT of dirty dishes. I figured only video evidence would make people believe how bad the mess actual was. Enjoy!

UPDATE: April posted her own reaction to our dinner! Lessons learned.