"The Perfect Dinner"Now that I’m living in an off-campus apartment, gone are the days where I could just walk next door and enjoy whatever the House chef prepared for the evening’s dinner. Sure, I really grew to dislike that food while I was there, but in retrospect, having your dinner cooked for you every night without having to worry about figuring out what to cook, preparation, ingredients, cooking it, and then dishes was quite the life!

Although I spent the entire summer cooking for myself, I’m finding the task of cooking here at school a bit more daunting. Perhaps it’s that I’m one of the world’s pickiest eaters or that I don’t really fancy the idea of paying $7 for a tiny bottle of some spice, but finding things to cook that are quick, easy, and not from the frozen foods section is proving to be quite the challenge!

I’m trying to make it a point to use as many fresh ingredients as possible and to avoid anything pre-made (a la this summer’s adventures with Rice-a-Roni), but it’s really limiting my options! I’m also trying the “cook a big meal on Sunday and reheat it for the rest of the week” approach. The problem there is finding things that don’t taste absolutely disgusting by Friday. (N.B.: chicken teriyaki only lasts about 3 days before it starts to get dry ;))

Cooking is a lot of fun, though. I like being able to be creative with my reheating methods so that I don’t eat the same exact dinner for 7 days straight. I really enjoy the whole process (maybe save for the dishes and cleanup), but I wish some really great recipes would make their way to my inbox (-hint hint-). It would just make life a lot easier!

Do you have any good sites/books for recipes? What do you normally cook for dinner? My recipe box thanks you in advance!