iPod Touch

When Apple announced they would be having an iPod-related media event, I have to say, I wasn’t all that excited. I’ve mentioned in the past, a few times, that I’m not a huge fan of iPods and their antisocial ways, but when I returned to my room on the afternoon of Sept. 5 to see exactly what Apple announced, I couldn’t have been more excited.

I’d been a bit skeptical about the iPhone since it came out this summer. I had the chance to get my hands on a few of them over the course of the summer (working in a world of geeks can do that) and while I was impressed with the interface, I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the need for such a tricked out phone. It’s just a phone! I’d convinced myself that I wouldn’t get one until at least the 2nd generation. I’m SO glad I waited now – that price cut was crazy!

Despite the price cut, however, I still decided to go for the 16GB Touch. Why, you ask? I mean, it IS the same price as the iPhone and the iPhone has a phone in it too! Well, I have a phone that I’m perfectly satisfied with. And I love that it has tactile feedback while you’re typing. I can’t see myself typing all that quickly on an iPhone.

I also realized that I rarely carry around my iPod currently. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I even know where it is at the moment. The only times I really use the iPod (after I bought my external harddrive 2 years ago, that is) is when I’m on long trips or I know I’ll be somewhere for a long period of time and have a high likelihood of getting bored. I need background noise. Since that’s the case, the best option would be to go for the device with the most amount of storage. Score one more point for iPod Touch.

The final deciding factor for me was the idea that this new iPod will probably last me at least 2 years (unless, of course, it has a similar fate to my 3rd gen iPod that lived only for a year). My Blackberry will also probably last me 2 years. This brings me to the end of college. Perfect. By the time I’m due for a new phone and a new iPod, I’ll be out (hopefully!) in sunny California gearing up for my life as a full-fledged adult, with a salary and all. Sounds like as good a time for an iPhone as any! PLUS, by then, my other rule for the iPhone, the rule that I’m going to wait until it’s at least 20GB, will certainly be realized and I’ll be fully prepared to use the non-tactile interface because the of all of my typing on the Touch.

So that’s that. My mom ordered the Touch for me for my 21st birthday. Some kids want beer. Lots and lots of beer. Me? One iPod Touch, please!