I often spend a lot of time “window shopping” on the web. As a certified geek, I have a pretty extensive (and expensive!) list of gadgets and toys I would like, so I thought I’d share some of it with you. These are the things I would buy if I had millions of dollars:

Apple Pro

The Apple Pro is my current holy grail of gadgets. I’ve been lusting over one since this summer when Glenn Wolsey started showing off photos of his new setup. It’s a gorgeous and powerful machine with TONS of space which would come in handy considering how many photos I take and the fact that I have all of 15GB free on my current 250GB external hard drive. I keep a spot under my desk free for the day it finally finds a home there. If only the price would drop by about $1,000.

The Specs: 500GB in HD Slot 1; 750 in HD Slot 2; Two 16x SuperDrives; Two 2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon; 1GB (2 x 512MB); 2 x NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB; Both Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and AirPort Extreme; Apple Care

The Damage: $2,703.00

Canon 40D

I’ve come VERY close to buying this camera on more than one occasion during the past few weeks. I finally had a chance to get my hands on one in Best Buy this weekend and fell in love right then and there. I’m currently shooting with a Canon Rebel XT that is just over its 2nd birthday. While it’s a great camera, I’d like to try something a little more powerful. I think I’ve reached the point where I’m ready to move on from the “starter dSLR”. I’m still debating whether or not I want the kit lens. I guess it depends on the deal I get.

The Specs: “10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality poster-size prints; 3.0-inch LCD display with enhanced Live View and broadened color gamut; 6.5 frame-per-second continuous shooting; sRAW mode; 35-zone metering system”

The Damage: $1,299.99 or $1,499.99

Aeron chair

I’ve only had the opportunity to sit in these a couple of times, but they are SHEER HEAVEN. I learned a lot about the wonders of an ergonomic workstation this summer thanks to Yahoo!’s mandatory ergo training and have actually been following the rules even now that I’m back at school. Paul Stamatiou reviewed a similar chair at the beginning of the summer. He had lots of great things to say about it. I’m sure I would too if I were privileged enough to have one at my desk ;).

The Specs: A medium sized fully adjustable seating delight. Complete with lumbar support and a ticket to the cool club. Includes a 12-year warrantee.

The Damage: $949.00

30″ ACD or 30″ Dell LCD

My current setup includes a 21″ Acer widescreen display. Over the summer I had the luxury of working with a 27″ or so display and it was wonderful. My productivity just skyrocketed! It was great for doing design mocks and things because you could zoom and zoom and zoom and still get a decent idea of what you were looking at. My only reason for liking the Dell a bit more than the Apple is, just like with the Aeron chair, ergonomics. Since I’m rather short, my monitor tends to sit very low. Apples don’t have that adjustability standard in their displays. I could get a Vesa arm, but since I have a glass desk that wouldn’t go over very well.

The Specs: 30″ widescreen display with [adjustable   fixed] height.

The Damage: $1,274 for Dell or $1,799 for Apple

Adobe CS3

CS3 is also something I get to use almost everywhere but on my personal laptop. It’s light-years faster than CS2 on an Intel Mac which slows me down more than I’m often patient enough to handle. I’d like the entire Creative Suite as I only have Photoshop (CS2) right now and would really love to learn Illustrator and Flash. It also has a lot of added functionality for manipulating color channels in photos and things. Quite nice. It would go well with my 30″ display, my Mac Pro, AND my 49D. See how it’s an absolutely necessity?

The Specs: InDesign CS3, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator CS3, Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, Acrobat 8 Professional, Bridge CS3

The Damage: $599.95 with Apple Education Discount

A Lifetime Flickr Pro Subscription

I’m a Flickr addict. It’s that simple. This one also kind of goes hand-in-hand with the new camera. Although Flickr doesn’t actually offer lifetime subscriptions, I’m perfectly fine with having it on this list. It is a _wish_list after all.

The Specs: Unlimited uploads (10MB per photo), Unlimited storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited photosets, Archiving of high-resolution original images, The ability to replace a photo, Post any of your photos in up to 60 group pools.

The Damage: $24.95 * (however many years I live)

The No-Less-Important Miscellany

  • new lenses

    (specifically a sports-geared telephoto).

    The Specs: 70-200mm focal length; f/2.8 constant maximum aperture; Micro UltraSonic Motor (USM) Includes case and lens hood. The Damage: $1700.</li>

    • A monopod to hold up the giant lens above. The Damage:~$45
    • OS X Leopard The Damage: TBD?
    • Windows Vista running on a Parallels or Fusion install. The Damage $79.95 (Parallels or Fusion) + $329.00 (Vista Ultimate)</ul>

    Not taking into account any taxes or shipping and assuming I live to be about 80, that puts the grand total of my wishlist at $12,201.89. Not nearly as bad as I expected! Hopefully I didn’t miss anything! What does your wishlist include?