My favorite roadFall is absolutely my favorite season. Since I was a little kid, I remember enjoying everything about this time of year. It’s especially true now that I’m here in Ithaca and the foliage is just gorgeous. It’s what sold me on Cornell. Not to mention it’s home to two of my favorite holidays: my birthday and halloween.

Lately, I’ve been driving around a lot. There’s this one road in particular that’s long, flat, and winding. It’s covered in all sorts of colorful trees and you’ll only see another car every once in a while. It’s the most peaceful experience. I’ve been taking trips to the mall just so I can drive along there, probably a little bit faster than I should, with my windows open, my favorite music playing, and the leaves swirling in a wake behind me. You can’t help but have a smile on your face. Considering how hectic this semester is turning out to be, having a place where you can just get away for a little while is crucial. I’m so glad I’ve found mine.

Those many trips to the mall were mostly centered on a: getting some heavy duty tylenol and b: sorting out my halloween costume. I had 3 things I was debating between for this year, but since I had to dress up yesterday for a little party, I had to expedite my costume completion. I decided to go for a clown. I know, I know, I’m ALWAYS a clown, but the costume is just awesome! It was either that or a geek. A stretch, I know. I decided to go for the clown because I’m a firm believer in going all out for my costume. If you can’t complete the character, it’s not worth it. Not to mention, it would be hard to make myself actually look like I was in costume – this place is festering with geeks! (like Dean and Phil).

On the downside, it’s getting REALLY cold! The “feels like” temp for today is 33. Yes, just one degree above freezing. Ahhhh Ithaca.