For now that is. Thanksgiving break is on the horizon. All I have to do is finish this paper, get through today’s classes, come home for a much-deserved (or maybe just much needed?) nap and then drive home tomorrow to continue it there.

For some reason I’m craving sushi. Of course, by sushi I mean some California rolls, but it’s the thought that counts when it comes to sushi.

On the food front, I’ll be making my now-famous apple crumble for Thanksgiving. I’ll also be stirring the corn on occasions, because, though I’ve learned to cook since last Thanksgiving, I really couldn’t be bothered. You’ll have a hard enough time scraping me off of the couch as I dose in and out of a “nearly end of the semester but I have a few days to sleep” coma.

I’ll try to check in at some point with a more lucid, coherent posting.

Until then…