‘Ello there!

Sorry for my extended absence. We’ve reached the last week of classes and things are getting super hectic. I have 2 final projects, 4 final papers, and an exam. Boy is this going to be a fun week. I’ve spent most of this week engrossed in a project for my Environmental Interventions class. Our goal was to have it launched by, well, today! After a late night last night, I’m excited to say, it’s up and ready to go! We’ve finally worked out all the bugs and tweaked things here are there.


I’m proud to introduce to you: EcoTetris! EcoTetris is not your average Tetris game. Ours pulls in data from the Cornell Facilities website and translates our actual energy usage over the past few years into Tetris pieces! Each building is color-coded so you can see who the energy hogs are. (And to those of you at Cornell, it’s not really a big surprise!) We calculate your score in the number of trees you could save by eliminating the amount of energy in the row of blocks you just cleared. (There’s actually an equation out there for that!) EcoTetris hopes that players will spend a little time not only playing the addicting game, but taking in the EcoTips and other information provided around the site. So what are you waiting for?! Go play! See if you can beat my high score! And please please please send us some feedback! We want an A+ on this project! ;)