Though my semester isn’t completely over, I made the leap and decided to come home early and finish my work from New Jersey. Part of it was I was getting to be far too A.D.D. in Ithaca, the weather is supposed to be terrible tomorrow (the day I had originally planned to come home), and a lot of the books I thought of referencing for my Culture, Law, & Politics of the Internet paper were sitting on my bookshelf here. So after sleeping for about 4 hours on Tuesday night and staying up until about 2AM last night to work on as much of my paper as possible and pack up my room, I decided to wake up at 5AM today with the goal of being on the road by 6. I ended up being a bit delayed because I had to do things like dishes and make sure all of the perishable items in my cabinet were properly pawned off onto the roommates. I also had to clean out Sir Fincent’s tank. RIP Sir Fincent.

I left Ithaca around 7AM. It was still dark out. And snowing. And raining. I basically drove through every sort of precipitation imaginable. It wasn’t too bad until I started to get sleepy somewhere in Pennsylvania. I also had my music to keep me awake. I bought an iTrip Tuesday night so that I didn’t have to spend my entire ride fiddling with the “Scan” button on the radio. All you ever get is static, country, or more static. Oh, and NPR.

So I made it home, left everything in my car but my laptop, walked into my room and promptly fell asleep. I could only afford an hour’s nap though. I had a 15-page paper due at midnight. I managed to get it done – at 11:48PM. It’s not too bad, if I do say so myself, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until grades are released to see how my professor liked it. For some reason, all of my final projects/exams this semester are following the same path: I’m very reluctant to start them, once I do start, it’s slow going, and then all of a sudden a spark goes off and I’m off, typing away at a mile a minute. I’ve actually really enjoyed all of my final exam/paper work this semester. That never happens. I have 2 papers left: one, a group paper for my HCI project and the other, a paper on using a wiki as a course supplement which involves me actually setting up the infrastructure for a wiki to be beta tested this summer. That’s all due on Friday.

The good news is though, I’ve over the hump. I only have the easy stuff left and then, after Friday, I’m FREE! I haven’t been free since December of last year! It’s quite a liberating feeling. I have no idea what I’m going to do with all of my time, but if I manage to stick to the to do list I made for myself, it will involve learning Processing, Arduino, ActionScript, possibly some AJAX, and fleshing out to include some more portfolio-type things.

Apart from that, I’ll be continuing my internship search and hopefully seeing some friends from high school. That’s between doing all of the holiday-type things, of course. Speaking of which, I really need to get a move on with my Christmas shopping! I’m cutting the “we guarantee arrival by Christmas” deadline kind of close! Oh, and I’ll also be blogging, since I’ll (finally) have a lot of time on my hands!

Until next time…