Well, I’m back to school. My 6th semester at Cornell has begun. With the exception of a particular class that will probably bring me to tears on more than one occasion (CS 211 – Java…), I think it’s going to be a good semester. I’m taking CS211 “Computers and Programming”, INFO320 “New Media & Society”, INFO365 “Technology in Collaboration”, and AEM210 “Introductory Statistics”. I’m also planning on taking INFO490 which is an independent study course. I have a meeting later this week to sort that out. Overall, my professors seem great and the course content seems great (again, except for 211), so I’m really looking forward to getting into the semester. I’m also looking forward to reading “As We May Think” for the 5th or 6th time. : Professors should really have a chat about this sort of thing. There are only so many times you want to read the same article!

I had a few days to kill before the semester started, so the day after I got back to school I decided to get a haircut. My hair was somewhere in the lower 1/3 of my back. Far longer than I’ve had it since sometime around 5th grade and getting to be completely unmanageable. I’d been putting off the haircut in hopes of having enough for Locks of Love. When I found out the minimum was 10″, I got on the phone right away and made an appointment. Less than an hour and about 11″ later, my hair is now above my shoulders and my old hair is now on its way to be made into a wig for kids with cancer or other conditions that cause permanent hair loss. I’m actually growing to like the new length. It was SO shocking at first, but it’s incredibly healthy now that so much of the bulk is gone and it’s actually pretty straight!

Also this semester is the lovely process of Editorial Compet for the Cornell Daily Sun. I’m compet-ing (a.k.a. training) to run for Photography Editor in March. This is my week to “run” the department. I’ll be alternating with one other person on a weekly basis. I’m absolutely loving it so far. I’m such a stickler for organization and making sure that things are running smoothly between departments and days and photographers, etc. It’s the perfect place to exercise my managerial skills. I’m really looking forward to learning even more about the inner workings of the department and what I can contribute to make it even better and more efficient. It’s going to be great :).

This is the first semester since Freshman year where I’m not TAing any courses. I have to say, it’s a bit of a relief. It’s nice to only have to worry about my own academic success for once. While I love TAing, I think I need to do it in smaller doses. I also wanted to make sure I had the time to dedicate to 211 and the Sun this semester. This is also the first semester since Fall of ’05 where I don’t have a night class. Anyone at Cornell can tell you that night classes are absolutely terrible because it gets so cold at night that stepping foot outside at 10PM is just painfully unbearable. I’m going to revel in my nights in.

Other than that I’m especially happy that I only had to spend $38 on books for this semester. Another reason to love Information Science: textbooks are rare. My mouth is almost back to 100% after the wisdom teeth thing. Crackers and croutons are still a bit on the painful side, but I’ve been enjoying solid foods for a few days now :D.

Overall, I’m actually really excited for this semester and all of the fun and challenges its going to bring. I’m also really excited that the Spice Girls concert is less than 20 days away! (18 to be exact!). It’s nice to be back and have my brain running on full power again! Even better is the fact that I actually have things on my calendar as opposed to the extreme sloth that was winter break. Let the games begin!