It finally happened. I finally got to see the Spice Girls LIVE in concert!

Erin & IWhen I first heard tickets were on sale for dates in NJ, I jumped on them. The excitement has been building ever since. I rarely get excited about things – mostly because I don’t like to set myself up for disappointment. But this time, I was excited beyond words. I was even more excited to be sharing the experience with my oldest friend Erin. We went through our Spice Girls phase (and many others) together and I can’t think of another person I would have wanted to go to this concert with.

We got there a bit early. Actually, a lot of bit early. We got a parking spot directly across from the area and then had to go wait in line outside until they opened the doors. People were dressed in all sorts of “spice girl-esqe” outfits, completely disregarding the fact that it was about 30 degrees out with a crazy amount of wind. Some of them were SO young! Erin and I spent a good amount of time postulating how old they would have been when the Spice Girls were big. Some couldn’t have been more than 4 years old! That would also explain why so many of those kiddies were dressed in 80’s outfits with yellow spandex, cut sweatshirts, and side ponytails. Wrong decade, my young friends.

The first thing we did when we got inside was hit up the merchandise (who doesn’t?!). Erin and I each got a tour t-shirt. Yeah, they cost an arm and a leg, but I tried to be a bit more rational about it: we’ve been waiting for 10 years to see them, so $35/10 years = $3.50 a year. That’s not so bad! I know, I know, that logic doesn’t really work, but it made us feel a little bit better. After getting a hot dog (we were also starving!) and making a pit stop at one of the 100 women’s bathrooms (they actually converted some of the mens’ rooms into ladies’ rooms for the event. I guess they studied their demographic!) we went to find our seats. P1020911

They. Were. Amazing. Since the stage came out into the audience, we were SO close! Granted, we could have been closer, but I think we were at a good distance to be able to take in the whole show while still being close enough to not have to squint and get a few good pictures. We were also not on the floor, so Erin and I, short as we are, didn’t have to worry about giants standing in front of us.

The show itself was absolutely spectacular. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so hard or screamed so loud. It was fantastic. It was like being a kid again without a care in the world. The story line running though the show was really great and the whole presentation was just so well done. It really was like watching a show in Las Vegas – so theatrical! There were some very poignant parts, like when Geri was lowered off stage at the end of Viva Forever (the last song she sang with the group before leaving) and then when they brought her back up at the end of Let Love Lead the Way. Really wonderfully done. I really enjoyed the girls’ solo performances, especially Melanie C’s since she’s always been my favorite. Mel B and Geri also had really awesome solos. Geri’s rendition of “It’s Raining Men” was SO energetic. I really appreciated that they kept some of the old dance moves, like in Who Do You Think You Are and Wannabe. Some of the best parts, though, were when they did completely new things like the tango in the middle of Viva Forever. That was so cool – I had my eye on Mel B for that one since she’s now a Dancing With The Stars alumna. I was especially excited when Mel B brought her baby on stage for Mama. So cute!

P1020865All in all, it was an unforgettable experience. I’m still in disbelief that I actually got to see my childhood idols live in concert. In person. Right there in front of me. I really never thought it would happen. The show really helped me to put some things into perspective, strange as it sounds. Being brought back to the olden days of my childhood reminded me of a lot of things I wanted to do with my life at that point, before I was tainted by growing up. Realizing that some of those things are still on my “to do” list has done a lot for helping me to realize what I want to do. Who’da thought the Girl Power message would still have an effect on me now? Even after the show, my Spice Girls CDs are still running on repeat and I’ve been endlessly scouring YouTube for videos. I just still can’t enough of them. That’s what I call staying power.

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