Pack your bags because this summer I’ll be blogging to you from one of my favorite places on the planet. That’s right kids, I’m headed back to San Francisco! After a full week of edge-of-your-seat nail-biting suspense, I got the final offer last night! I don’t think a week has ever felt so long!

So what’s this absolutely perfect internship I went on about in my last post? What could be so incredibly awesome that I’m going to drop my summer classes, put off my research, pack up and fly across the country in less than 14 days? I’ll tell you what:

summer plans...

That’s right! In less than two weeks, I’ll be sitting in orientation at Yahoo! HQ for the second time. Crazy, isn’t it? I mean, Flickr is, by far, my favorite site on the web. And now I get to work there?! I still can’t get over it. Try it – search my archives for “flickr” – I mention it in 56 entires!

Now the fun begins. On top of the 2 projects I have standing between me and summer, I have to find a place to live in San Francisco (and boy is that always a treat) and pack up because I’m probably headed out some time next week! Talk about a whirlwind!

Here’s to getting out of Ithaca in one piece!