One of the nifty things I get to do as part of my internship is write some posts for the Flickr Blog. I’ve written 3 so far, and let me just say that I have a completely appreciation for the size of the Cornell Daily Sun’s photo archive and for having news stories inform our photo selections.

Flickr is currently home to ~2.6 BILLION (YES BILLION) photos. You try picking a topic and finding photos to go with it in a pool that large! It is no easy feat, my friend. I’m trying to keep my posts a little on the quirky side, but there’s SO much to choose from it’s really overwhelming! The cool part is, I’ve come across some really GREAT photos that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s definitely a different experience from going through the Explore stream!

I should also note that I’ve written them later in the week or after a really brain-consuming day (read: conference), so to those of you who know me in real life, you’ll notice they’re things I would say or talk about sometime around 12:00AM at the Sun or the morning after an all-nighter – randomness is key.

Anyway, without further ado:

So that’s it so far. Hopefully there will be a bunch more to come!

We’re soliciting ideas for posts, so if you have some, post them here!