Some offices require expensive video game systems or spa treatments to keep their employees sane. FlickrHQ is a bit different. Early this week we got a package full of Flickr-colored inner tubes left over from an event in Spain. All I can say is THANK YOU, SPAIN! Chaos ensued from the moment we opened the packages!

It started out very simple: “ohhh look inner tubes! Let’s try to use them as a Skip It or try to roll them down the hall”, but then creativity kicked in and soon all 8 tubes were inflated and used as everything from chairs to battle weapons to running obstacles, costumes and crash mats. Thus, the Flickrlympics began.

The first event was wall bouncing, brought to you by Heather and MRoth:

Things then progressed to diving without the pool:

and after a few days, a few pranks and a few near death experiences the Flickrlympics culminated in this Public Service Announcement about office safety:

Oh, don’t worry, I’m actually doing work too, but those photos aren’t nearly as entertaining! And just to show that I’m trying maintain a good work/life balance, here’s a look into my after-work life:

See, now do you see why this is SO much better than being at school?? Just one year to go! :D