Last week I wrote about an 8-year search coming to a close with the help of some Googling and perseverance. I finally found Clare and got in touch with her.

Well it gets better.

Today I got an email through the contact form I put up a few days ago:

Jenn omg i cant beleive i found you !! its hollie from belfast that stayed at your house in 1999!! please get bk !! xx

What are the odds? While I was looking for Clare, Hollie was looking for me. Luckily a Google search for my name makes getting in touch with my pretty easy! Hollie, in case you didn’t pick that up, is the girl that stayed with us the first time we hosted someone through Project Children. It was the summer before Clare came over, so Hollie and I have been out of touch for 9 years! I’d been looking for Hollie for as long as I’d been looking for Clare, but obviously Hollie was a little harder to find.

I’m still in a state of disbelief that I managed to reconnect with both of them in the span of a week. I’d like to thank both the interwebs and ceiling cat. They rock.