After more than a year of procrastinating and indecision, I finally decided to “splurge” and order myself some Moo Cards. Until I either a) get a real job that has business cards or b) some nifty information transfer device becomes widely adopted, I’ve found that there’s really no easy way to exchange contact information on the fly. Sure, you can do the whole “what’s your number? I’ll call it right here” bit, or you can swap iPhones and each input your info, but these methods aren’t exactly fail proof. I have a lot of half-filled-in contacts on my phone to prove it.

Most of my procrastination and indecision wasn’t really about me wondering if Moo Cards would be worth the $20 – because the ones I’ve gotten have been of really high quality – it was more about my not being able to decide which photos to use. Once I got a the Moo Newsletter in my email telling me that they were offering MiniCards for 20% off though, I was sold. I made my cards right then and there.

They were here in just over a week (they ship from London I think?). The poor receptionist at our office was probably just as excited as I was because I asked her about every 3 hours if they had been delivered. I tore into the envelope like it was Christmas Morning. The wrapper on the Moo + Flickr box is different from the standard Moo wrapper

Like I said, I’d seen a lot of Moo Cards before, but being able to compare the quality to my own photos was really different. I was shocked at how crisp and true the colors were! If Moo sold full-sized prints I would order a bunch of them in a heartbeat. Normally when you go from digital to print, you lose a lot of quality particularly in the darker colors. Blacks don’t always come out black. Also, when resizing the photo to fit on the card, you run the risk of fuzziness. Moo has perfected the art. Kudos to them!

Things I learned from this order:

  • the avatar pulled from flickr gets pixelated
  • bold colors look great
  • “busy” photos don’t turn out so well
  • photos with a yellow-ish tint just don’t work for me
  • dogs are the most popular with recipients
  • instead of choosing 100 individual photos, go for 50 so you have 2 of each photo. it makes deciding who to give which photo to much simpler

I plan to bring these to WordCamp 2008, so if you see me I’d love to trade!

Do you have Moo Cards? What do you think of them?