As is par for the course with me, I missed my blogiversary for this domain last week. Unfortunately the posts from Pre-2003 were lost in a blog migration way back when, so I count from my first post on this site.

It’s crazy to think that it’s been so long. It’s also kind of a recurring theme among my friends now that we’ve entered our final year of college. The whole “OMG can you believe that was 3 years ago already?”-“Back when I was in 6th grade…wait…wow… that was 11 years ago now!”-time-is-going-way-too-quickly-where-did-the-time-go thing is proving to be really hard to grasp. This year’s freshman were born in 1990. I REMEMBER 1990. It freaks me out!

At the same time, though, it’s been nice to have this blog to poke back through every now and again and be reminded of some things that I may have completely forgotten, but that were a pretty big deal to me at the time. It’s also kind of embarrassing because they’re written as if I had all of the vowels removed from my keyboard or I only knew how to spell thing phonetically. But hey, I was young and naive and I thought I was “kewl”.

I’m especially looking forward to documenting these next 2 years as best as I can because – let’s face it – they’re probably going to be 2 of the more interesting years of my life. At least I hope.

In the spirit of nostalgia, I’m going to plug my Old Sites page that seems to be suffering from angelfire-itis at the moment. There are sites on there dating back to… 1998. You know – with tables and blinking graphics and stuff. Good times. I suggest “jenn’s little corner of the web” or this page in particular. Enjoy!