As my time here at Cornell continues to wind down, I find myself scrambling to make sure that I actually get to do everything that I came here to do. I chose this place for a reason, and despite its terrible winter weather, its incredibly stressful lifestyle as a result of its seemingly endless stream of exams, there is always something more you can do to take better advantage of your time here.

I had to fill out my application to graduate last week. In doing so, I had to figure out which courses I am going to take next semester, hopefully my last. I have one course left to take in my major and the rest is just filling college requirements. It shouldn’t be too bad. It got me thinking though. Although I could probably just take it easy – you know, some 100 level classes, Intro to Wines, the typical second-semester-senior schedule – I’ve decided that I would be remiss if I didn’t take advantage of the great professors we have here. I’ve yet to take a course from Jeff Hancock or James Maas to name a few. Now is my chance to take all of those classes I flagged in the Course Catalog my senior year of high school. I finally get to take things simply to fulfill my own curiosity!

So I’ve set out to find the classes that pique my “intellectual interest.” I’ve scoured the Course Catalog for the first time since I was a freshman and picked out some courses that seem interesting to me. Strangely, most of them are very much in line with what I’m already studying in my major. It’s reconfirming that I have, in fact, chosen the right course of study. Yay me! It’s also reconfirmed that I should probably stay away from technical things because I’m so much more fascinated by the “how” and the “why” people do what they do and using that to inform the technical design than the other way around.

My course list for next semester (assuming I can get in to all of them!):

I’m also planning to take a course this winter because it’s been on my list for a really long time. It’s an American Studies course called Popular Culture in the US from 1950 – Present. HOW GREAT IS THAT?!

Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited for this next/last semester. It’s nice to finally have my schedule open up and be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. THIS is what college should be.