“The last night of publication is always a bittersweet time at The Sun offices. On the one hand, we are thankful for a break from the daily grind of newspapering. After all, it is only at the end of the semester that we finally have time to attend class, complete homework assignments and generally pass our classes. On the other hand, the last night of publication means no more nights at The Sun, no more nights when creativity and insanity compound to produce an unexpected and remarkable product.

With that, we bid you farewell until next semester. We’re sad to leave you, but we promise we will return. There is something that draws us to The Sun every night, and as much as it tires us, we could never live without it.”

Living the Dream” – today’s Op-Ed in the last edition of The Cornell Daily Sun for this semester.

It’s been quite a ride. Though I still have a few months left as Photo Editor, my time of “flying solo” has come to an end and Matt will start training to be the next Photo Editor when we return in January. It’s quite a strange feeling – The Sun has consumed every day of my life (save for a few weeks during the summer) since last March and I’ve come to love almost everything about it. I’m definitely going to miss it, but it’s not yet time for goodbyes. I’ll wait until March for those.