The semester of hell is almost over. Almost.

As of 3:30PM, I’ve finished 3 of my classes and only have 2 left – Econ (Intermediate Micro) tomorrow and CS (Java) on Thursday.

Random events of study period/finals week (in complete stream-of-consciousness):

  • My poor carWe had 8″ of snow. I didn’t have proper clothes/shoes on since I had been out studying all day so I basically slid my way home after my Math final on Thursday. I also slid my way to the final, but that wasn’t as treacherous because it was uphill.
  • My car was towed away, even though I have a permit. Margot had to drive me to the other side of Ithaca and I had to give the guy $250 in cash and then dig my car out of 8″ of snow. I felt like a drug dealer taking that much money out of the ATM.
  • Then I had to appeal my 2 error-related tickets as well as try to get my $250 back for being wrongly towed. After some back-and-forth and being called a liar pretty much, it turns out they didn’t add my cupcakes

license plate into the computer system correctly. So that’s settled. I hope.</li>

  * I&#8217;ve cut caffeine out of my diet. And soda in general. Strange time to do it, but hey, why not. I don&#8217;t want to get sick during finals week.
  * I forgot to eat for a while, as evidenced by the speed with which I ate a burrito while at work the other day. It was rather impressive. I had eaten a lot of cupcakes. And water. And gummy vitamin C&#8217;s, but no real meals. I now have an alarm set on my phone reminding me to eat, shower, and sleep.
  * I got cupcakes in the mail from Dee. She&#8217;s awesome. Cupcakes in the mail are awesome too. These are not the cupcakes that caused me to forget to eat.  <img align="right" src="" width="180" height="240" alt="Addicted" /> 
    These are special occasion cupcakes (read: I will eat all 12 (err&#8230;ok I ate one already, so 11) on Thursday night in celebration.)</li> 
      * I learned how to solve a rubik&#8217;s cube. And I&#8217;ve practiced my juggling some more. They were not good distractions.
      * Movies watched: Benny & Joon, Serendipity (1.25 times. I fell asleep the first time around), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Holiday, Untraceable, possibly one or two others? My definition of watching a movie includes watching everything on the &#8220;Special Features&#8221; screen in its entirety as well as turning on subtitles and language dubbing if I&#8217;m feeling especially goofy. It easily kills 3-4 hours.
      * Photos taken of completely boring things like  [<img align="right" src="" width="240" height="240" alt="Distractions" />]( "Distractions by foreverdigital, on Flickr") a pile of pens, books, stapler, desk, erasers, more pens, more books, whiteboard, etc: so many I&#8217;m ashamed.
      * I&#8217;ve acquired an embarrassing amount of Christmas music. Feel free to contribute to my collection.
      * Time wasted writing this useless post: 15.
      * Mission: Accomplished</ul> 
    That&#8217;s all for now. I think it&#8217;s pretty obvious I have Internet addiction issues, so if I try to talk IM you, twitter, write on your facebook wall or leave a comment on one of your Flickr photos, or anything else for that matter, please do me a favor and yell at me. If you&#8217;re nearby, please feel free to use necessary force. I may hate you for it then, but I&#8217;ll thank you for it later. Really.