I did this back in 2006 and really regretted not doing one for 2007, so I thought I’d stop being lazy and put one together for 2008. I went through each month and chose one photo (that was posted to Flickr) to sum up that month. This year was so wonderfully crazy and I’m glad I have a photo record of most of the things I’d like to remember. Enjoy!

Hair Mail

January: New Year, New Hair

I’d wanted to get my hair cut for a while but I was so close to being the minimum length for Locks of Love that I did my best to put it off. Finally, in January, I read that the minimum was 10″, not the 12″ that I had assumed, so I immediately called up the hair salons in Ithaca to find the earliest appointment. Two hours later I had cut 11″ and mailed it off. It scared the heck out of me at first, but I grew to love the short hair and might do it again in another 6 months when my hair is long enough. Other January highlights: I spent the beginning of 2008 recovering from getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. Yay.

Erin & I

February: Spice Girls

I’m not even going to say much about the Spice Girls concert because I will just go on and on. It was the show of a lifetime. Erin and I were too young to see a concert when the Spice Girls were popular, but as soon as I heard they would be on tour I bought two tickets. Unforgettable. Absolutely unforgettable.

Crossed Lines

March: The Cornell Daily Sun

I was elected Photography Editor on March 1 and that pretty much set the tone for the entire month. This photo in particular was taken that evening at the Cornell vs. Harvard Men’s Hockey game – a huge Cornell tradition and one of the major sporting events going on that night (the other was the Men’s Basketball game where Cornell clinched the Ivy League title). That day proved to be one of the craziest emotional roller coasters I think I will ever experience and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The rest of the month was spent getting everything in the Photo Department organized and in full working order. What a task. My Blackberry was permanently attached to my hand and I don’t think I did much else other than Sun-related work. I don’t even remember my classes from spring semester anymore! I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one with this experience.


April: Nonstop.

I think that’s really the only way I can describe the month of April. It started off with a bang: on April 1, I flew out to Seattle to interview at Microsoft and met up with Shannon who drove down from Portland to be a tourist with me. It was my first time exploring a new city completely on my own – I had my own hotel room and my own rental car with just over a day to explore the area and then another day to spend at MS interviewing. It was definitely a learning experience for me and it made me really thankful to have my camera because it kept me company until Shannon arrived. It was a whirlwind of a trip and when I got home it was only April 3! The rest of the month was just as crazy: the next weekend I was down in NYC for the Sun Alumni Banquet at the Cornell Club, the night I got home from that I shot Cathy’s Reflections show, later that week I hosted (along with the ISSA) a Yahoo!-sponsored Battle of the Rock Bands, and that weekend was Margot’s bachelorette party Between all of this I was doing contract work for a Yahoo! Brickhouse project. The month wrapped up with the arrival of spring and an Sun/Eclipse photo feature on all of the flowers that grow around Cornell.

Summer Digs

May: Back to California!

Until the beginning of May, my plans for the summer were to stay at Cornell and do research with a professor in my major while taking a few classes (namely CS211) to lighten my course load for the fall semester. Then, while helping a then soon-to-be-graduating friend look for a job, I stumbled across a listing for an internship with Flickr. It was perfect. Within a span of 3 (quite stressful) weeks I had applied, interviewed, gotten the position, taken my finals, swapped rooms with Margot (I moved into her room this year and she moved out), found a summer apartment online, and flew out to San Francisco. I started work on May 27 and moved into my apartment on May 31. Another crazy month.


June: San Francisco

June was all about settling into San Francisco again. It took me a bit of time to get used to living completely on my own and I really had no idea what to do with so much free time since I didn’t have to commute down to Sunnyvale every day. Luckily, Alex was interning at Google and we met up at the Haight Street Fair and hung out for the day with a bunch of his intern friends. It was a lot harder getting to know other Y! interns this time around because I was up in the city, but once I got used to that and people started to come up after work and on weekends it got a lot better. I met another intern, Joey, and his roommate Nick (who was interning at facebook) and we did the tourist thing. I love doing the tourist thing. We also found this great spot by the Golden Gate Bridge where the path is lit by a floodlight. We had way too much fun using it for photo ops. Other June highlights: tasting Best-O-Burger, catching up with other 2nd-time interns, and going to my first SFlickr meet.

I work in candyland

July: Flickr

By the time July rolled around I was completely at home in San Francisco, really began to get to know a lot of the Flickr team, and spent some time hanging out with other Y! interns. Tilly, who was also new to SF and my partner in crime for the summer, and I started to hang out after work and went to geeky meet-ups and things. I’ve always been shy about going into big crowds without knowing anyone else there so it was great to meet Tilly especially since that girl can befriend a chair or a box if she wanted to. I spent some time at Brickhouse and took the occasional trip down to Sunnyvale. Other July highlights: Rocket Wars return to Flickr, National Cheesecake Day, being on the main page of MyBlogLog, Ariel moves to San Francisco, mom comes to visit, Flickrlympics, waiting in line for an iPhone 3G the morning of its release, reconnecting with both Clare and Hollie, and, of course Sunday brunch.

light at the end

**August: Lots of Moving

My last days in San Francisco were amazing. I went to the Brickhouse End-of-Summer Bash in Golden Gate Park where I had the BEST tacos I’ve ever eaten thanks to the Taco Truck – a group of people who pretty much pack a mobile kitchen into a minivan and cater events with home-made Mexican food. So delicious. I actually had it twice that month. Tilly and I decided to get a ZipCar one day after brunch and went on a spontaneous adventure around San Francisco, the best part of which was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time (in a Prius, I might add). I’d been to the other side the summer before, but we went much further north. This time we stopped at the touristy area and took some photos. Alex came to visit again, but this time we did a cupcake tour – stopping at all of the cupcake shops in the Marina and then having dinner. Some of my favorite memories of the summer were in restaurants with outdoor seating. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that. Just after Alex got on the bus to head back to Mountain View I noticed that the sunset was looking particularly vibrant. I rushed back to my apartment to go up to the 12th floor gym because I knew I would have a great view from there. The sunset was spectacular. It was definitely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and I just stood up there watching it and taking photos until it completely faded away. It was that night that I knew I absolutely needed to move back to San Francisco after graduation. Other August highlights: indulging my love for tart frozen yogurt at places like tuttimelon, jubili, and sogreen, WordCamp 2008, going home to my favorite summer foods, getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the Johnson Museum, and being back with my friends at school.


September: School Days

Septembers tend to be pretty uneventful months for me. They’re mostly about getting back into the swing of school and getting used to being in Ithaca again. I think the only major event in September this year was getting a job offer from Yahoo!. It was actually a pretty major event and I would have chosen that for this month’s picture, but I don’t have a still photo for some reason – just the video. Getting the offer took soooo much stress off of me in what would prove to be an insane semester, not to mention that it was for a job I absolutely knew I wanted. It was pretty much the same reaction as when I got my acceptance letter for Cornell. Other September highlights: Collegetown Blackout, crazy Visual Imaging projects, and my favorite thing about Ithaca in September, the Apple Harvest Festival.


October: BUSY.

October never fails to make up for the lack of excitement in September. To start out the month, I had 2 prelims- oceanography and econ. The Econ prelim was on my birthday and the day before Fall Break. Needless to day my 22nd birthday kind of came and went save for about an hour or so that evening when Meghan, her roommate, and I went out for drinks. Fall Break was fun, though. My mom and I took a road trip down to Washington DC and did the tourist thing. The next weekend, Sarah and I went to Hofstra to cover some of the goings-on around the Presidential Debate. When I got back from Fall Break, Ithaca was at its peak autumn foliage – my favorite time of year. Other October highlights: hosting a potluck with Ally and shooting the photos for the Halloween Edition of Eclipse.

Bar tab

November: Friends

November was all about being with friends and having an inkling of a social life (and the election too, I suppose). I tried to make it a point to “get out more” and be somewhat normal. Some memorable times: Jenna’s whole house’s giant birthday party and the Sun bar tab where Meghan and Ally (in the photo above) came over afterward to play Rock Band but instead we ended up goofing off until 3:30 in the morning. Almost the entire night is documented in photo and/or video for posterity.

math and cupcakes

December: Bookworm

December didn’t really exist for me until after the 19th. Every single day before that was spent with my face in a book or notes or both in a frantic attempt not to fail the most difficult classes of my now 18-year academic career. In my many desperate attempts to procrastinate, I learned how to solve a rubik’s cube, redesigned this site, found most of my favorite childhood Christmas videos on YouTube, got my car towed (oh wait, I didn’t do that one on purpose), and wrote a rather random, but entertaining stream-of-consciousness blog entry. Once that was all out of the way (and I passed my classes!), I started winter break a day late thanks to a snow storm, and began my annual 3-day nap. Since arriving home I’ve done the Christmas thing, went to Bayonne to hang out with high school friends, and have begun to clean old junk out of my room, finding photos from my childhood along the way. I posted a bunch of them on facebook and ended up chatting with a bunch of people I haven’t spoken to in ages. And that just about wraps up 2008 for me!