I came across this photo on Flickr and thought it was a good idea to make more of a “to do list” rather than a list of resolutions for the year. I didn’t really know where to start, but when I IMed April about it, she mentioned that she saw something like 1001 things in 1001 days on LiveJournal and that it seemed like a cool idea. 1001 in 1001 is a bit much, I think. That’s almost 3 years. I needed something a bit more realistic and less long term. We settled on 101 in 365 (ok, now 361 since it’s already the 4th) and started working on our lists. It’s a LOT harder than it looks! Seven hours later (there were some breaks in between) we each managed to come up with about 50. I’ve added a few here and there since, but I’m still nowhere near 101. I’d like to get the list to 101 over the course of the year though. I figure as time passes I’ll think of new things to do. Thank goodness for sites like 43Things and your100things.com because I’m not very good at coming up with these things on my own! I’m open to suggestions! Or better yet, go make a list of your own. It’s a nice little challenge!

[[Update: This list will be archived, edited, and updated here: 101 in 365]]

New Experiences:

Things I’ve never done

  • Travel to a country I’ve never been (Canada doesn’t count).
  • Try real sushi – like raw fish sushi, not crab/shrimp/veggie sushi.
  • See at least one Broadway show that I haven’t already seen.
  • Watch the sun set over the Pacific.
  • Visit a place that I don’t speak the local language.
  • Ride a Segway.
  • Visit 3 states I’ve never visited.
  • Go skiing.
  • Habits:

    Things I would like to introduce to/eliminate from my daily life. (In second person because I should listen to myself)

  • Order out at most once/week.
  • Cook at least twice/week. (You’d be amazed at how many meals of chips and salsa or hummus and crackers one can eat in a week.)
  • Water is your friend. Drink it.
  • Keep your desk neat. Piles are the enemy.
  • Blog at least once/week.
  • Avoid senioritis at all costs.
  • Don’t slouch, especially when you’re sitting at the computer for long periods of time.
  • Better yet, don’t sit at the computer for long periods of time.
  • Write more. You know, like with a pen. And while you’re at it, fix your handwriting.
  • Don’t keep junk. You only need so many free pens.
  • Go outside at least once/day. Pajama days are better when they’re infrequent.
  • Don’t be a lazy typist. Use capitals and punctuation where necessary and not unnecessarily.
  • Pick 1 day of the week and limit yourself to email and classwork-related internet use. No twitter, flickr, facebook, RSS, or other time traps. More on that later.
  • Use the word “I” less often. It’s not all about you.
  • Wear your hair down at least once/week or get it cut shorter.
  • Goals:

  • Finish my Project 365.
  • Lose 15 lbs.
  • Snail mail is fun: send holiday/birthday cards.
  • Have no credit card debt by the end of the year.
  • Read at least 3 non-school/non-major-related books.
  • Read at least 3 school/major-related books.
  • Become a morning person again. Up at 8 or 9AM, none of this 11AM nonsense.
  • Keep in touch with old friends: distance and time are not excuses.
  • Sell something on Etsy.
  • Aim for 30-under-30.
  • Have more dinner parties.
  • Meet up with Natalie at least once (it’s been over 3 years!).
  • Learn to cook empanadas.
  • Find and organize non-digital photos from childhood.
  • Sell a photo.
  • Have lunch with a friend at least once/week.
  • Master something I’ve never tried.
  • Throw away/sell/donate at least one thing I’ve been keeping “just in case” each week.
  • Call a friend, no matter how busy I am, once a week to see how they’re doing.
  • Try a sport other than volleyball, soccer or softball.
  • Try a new recipe at least once/week.
  • Shoot and develop at least 8 rolls of film.
  • Re-locate my imagination.
  • Get up to date with an old friend that has drifted away.
  • Try to complete as many things possible on the “161 things to do before you graduate Cornell” list — in one day.
  • Go on a date.
  • Bake more.
  • To Do List:

    These are more finite and are easily do-able. I just have to do them.

  • Print and frame at least 5 of my photos. What’s the point if they’re just sitting on my hard drive?
  • Get my bank accounts in order and track where I’m spending too much money (yay Mint).
  • Reduce my RSS subscriptions to <100 quality reads.
  • Make a “soundtrack of the year” with 20 of the songs that I loved in 2009.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Eat at Serendipity 3 (thanks Lissy!)
  • </ol>

    As incentive, inspired by Lissy again, complete a stranger's goal for every goal not completed.